Why Integrated Strategic Communications

Because it makes sense!

Globalisation and the Internet revolution has brought on board the many challenges associated with the international business market. These challenges pose many questions for small, medium and large enterprises. Common to all is the question of how an organization and the accompanying brands, products and services are or will be perceived by both the national and international markets.

Consulo specializes in the management of perceptions, and believes quite categorically that reputation is based on organizational behaviour and is vital to business success. Thus targeted and compelling communications play a decisive role in influencing perceptions and reputations.

  • Message Clutter ~ the very nature of ISC ensures the reduction of message clutter. This will help minimize the present climate of distrust associated with message bombardment.
  • Message Effectiveness ~ ISC increases message effectiveness through consistency and reinforcement of core messages.
  • Targeting ~ due to the steady increase in media and audience fragmentation, ISC allows for individuals who no longer want to be treated as a homogeneous mass, to be targeted directly.
  • Branding – ISC allows an organization to coordinate brand development and build brand reputations that provide consistent and unambiguous identities.
  • Differentiation ~ recently we have witnessed the proliferation of similar products offering the same basic qualities. ISC allows an organization to effectively differentiate a brands identity.
  • Competitive Advantage ~ ISC instigates a repeated analysis of competitors, thereby ensuring an organization not only stays aligned with the competition, but seeks out a competitive advantage.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ~ ISC provides an ideal platform for developing and implementing customer relationship programs.
  • Costs – media cost inflation can eat away at corporate budgets. ISC allows for a more focused and thus frugal approach.
  • Globalization ~ globalization and cross-border communications, coupled with the increase in levels of audience communication literacy, predicates the need for ISC.
  • The Bottom Line – because of the increase in efficiency and effectiveness brought on by ISC, company profits will inevitably improve.