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convergent communications

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convergent communications:
A new paradigm* in strategic communications

In the early 21st century, the business landscape started embracing “integrated strategic communications” as its guiding star. It was the dawn of an era where siloed practices were being dismantled, aiming for a more seamless and unified approach to communications. Fast forward two decades, and we find ourselves in an age where even this integrated model feels slightly outmoded. We’ve entered the era of “Convergent Communications,” a term that we at Consulo coined and we believe it encapsulates how the dynamism of today’s world calls for an even more adaptive, fluid communications form.

Our story

pioneering* strategic coms since 2002

For over two decades, we’ve redefined the landscape of corporate and public communications. Our journey began in 2002 with a philosophy deeply rooted in integrated strategic communications, a philosophy that has served as our compass ever since.


public affairs*

We demystify the maze of policy and stakeholder relations, delivering clear, actionable strategies.

crisis management*

When the unforeseeable happens, we provide damage control that’s meticulously calculated and rapidly executed.

consulting with global reach*

From multinational conglomerates to emerging companies, our consultative prowess knows no bounds. We have partnered with some of the largest and most influential companies in the world, offering bespoke solutions that generate measurable results.

issue management*

From identification to resolution, we handle your most pressing issues with unmatched finesse.

press office operations*

We serve as your liaison with the media world, crafting your message to make an impact.


Our comprehensive training programs empower your team to interact with media like seasoned pros.

Our Practice Evolved*

why convergence?

Take a cue from the media industry—converged newsrooms have become the norm. What was once separate—print, broadcast, digital—now exists under one operational hub. This is not merely an adaptation but an evolution—a process of developing new forms and strategies from the old to address challenges and seize opportunities. Similarly, Convergent Communications aligns multiple communication vehicles—public affairs, crisis management, brand storytelling, digital communications, etc.—into a single, nimble entity.

adaptive and dynamic

Convergent Communications is not about just knitting different communications platforms together. It’s an adaptive framework that allows strategies to be interchangeable yet symbiotic. Crisis communication strategies can morph into public affairs tactics when the need arises. Digital storytelling can take the front seat when an image repair campaign needs to blend into ongoing brand narrative effortlessly. It’s not just about having all your tools in one box; it’s about those tools being multi-functional and inter-operable.


building blocks* of convergent coms

  1. Unified Command Center: Unlike traditional models, a Convergent Communications strategy operates from a unified command center. It’s where real-time data analytics meet human insights to make quick but deeply considered decisions.
  2. 360-Degree Feedback Loop: Information flows freely in every direction. Whether it’s bottom-up or top-down, the process involves real-time engagement, which is crucial in crisis management scenarios.

    3. Omni-channel Presence: Be it press releases, social media campaigns, or stakeholder communications, the messages are tailored but consistent across channels, maximizing reach and impact.

    4. Risk and Opportunity Assessment: This is where the focus is not just on damage control but also on identifying opportunities, even in a crisis, to enhance brand image and stakeholder trust.

Justifying convergent communications

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Operating multiple, specialized communication wings can be costly. Convergent Communications offer cost-saving benefits by pooling resources and reducing redundancies.

  2. Speed and Agility: In an age where a single tweet can tip the scale, speed is of the essence. A convergent approach allows for quicker decision-making and implementation.

  3. Enhanced Accountability: With one unified team, it’s easier to pinpoint responsibility and ensure accountability. It creates a culture where every message and action is strategically aligned.

  4. Measurable Impact: Through analytics and KPIs integrated within the communications system, it’s easier to measure the ROI of your communication strategies in real-time, allowing for quick pivots when needed.

Future-Proofing* Your Communications

The digital age is one of constant disruption. With technologies like AI and big data becoming commonplace, adopting a Convergent Communications strategy ensures that your brand isn’t just keeping up—it’s staying ahead.

Convergent Communications is a call to adapt, to unify, and to evolve. It’s a multi-disciplinary approach that is not just inclusive but synergistic. When every message, every channel, and every strategy converges towards a singular purpose, you don’t just communicate—you converse. And in that conversation lies the future of effective, impactful communications.

stay ahead*

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