Public relations

Our Media Relations and PR Program involves an integrated flow of information about yourself, your company and/or your product/services to the key media. Our team will work together with your key executives and identify

media worthy news, issues and events that will not only make bring your company into the news-cycle, but also benefit your corporate image.

In doing so you can build and maintain relationships with current customers, opinion leaders, constituent groups, employees and other stakeholders that can help you reach your objectives. By providing stakeholders with a set of messages and cues they can associate with/recognize, you can build upon your existing corporate profile and reputation.

Our basic Media & PR Consulting Services include:

  • Organization and operation of a press office
  • Support for the creation and production of press kits
  • Utilizing opportunities for disseminationg information to traditional and new media alike
  • Following the National, Sectoral and Business Press
  • Evaluation of existing photographic material and creation of additional material
  • Composition and dissemination and follow up of press releases
  • Handling and editing any Press demands (for statements, interviews, writing of articles, advertorials etc.)
  • Preparation of Q+A documents
  • Co-organization of important events (exhibitions, seminars, press conferences etc.)

Through the combination of traditional media relations and nonconventional media, you can gain attention for a product launch, increase brand recognition, improve sales leads or even quell an uprising of negative sentiment that threatens your image.